Sunday, July 13, 2014

And now for something completely different

… but the same anyways.

The World Piano Competition happened in Cincinnati last month while I was staring at Lake Champlain a lot, and this year they instituted an American requirement — at least nine minutes of American music from a smorgasbord of their making was required to be performed by every contestant in the first round. I was part of that smorgasbord. As the competition was happening, they were throwing up snippet videos onto their YouTube page, including the two breathtaking performances of 'tudes of mine seen below. These performers rock, and they rock completely.

Also, the framing music is cute.

Fists of Fury. What the étude is about is pretty clear. One of these days this piece is going to be responsible for breaking a piano. Amy made the first video of this piece in 2001.

Absofunkinlutely. This is an exciting and dynamic performance, and it impresses me how very different every performance of this piece is. It's a barn-burner here, and a hell of a barn burner. And in case you like watching pages magically turn (she's using her mind), this is the video for you.

Amy made the first video of this piece in 2008.

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