Saturday, June 21, 2014

In the can! Part deux

So I left Yaddo a day early. I wrote 51 minutes of music there (I usually write 45 minutes in a year) and had nothing left to do, so instead of tooling around doing nothing, I came back home to grown-up internet (75M as compared to 768K at Yaddo), and I was able to upload — rather rapidly — all the remaining etude movies we made with Judy Sherman's sound layered in. Thus, as before, they are presented with minimal comment.

Chase for piano and celesta. Amy strapped a GoPro to her forehead for the take. Dramamine recommended.

Not for talking pianist, text by Rick Moody. Amy seems to be having some fun. Rick says the text is about the Bush era.

Ecco Eco, an echo étude. All the gestures echo, at different delay points, and some of them have Doppler effect. It's pretty hard.

Narcissitude is a fast mirror étude, in which, for most of the piece, the left hand is the exact mirror inversion of the right, and a sixteenth note later.

Diminishing Return is about fading repeated notes, and word on the streets is it's hard.

Quietude is a slow étude on dominant seventh chords dedicated to Gusty Thomas.

Solid Goldie is an étude in search of a lullaby on GCH ("Goldie Celeste Hunka") celebrating the birth of Marilyn Nonken's first daughter.

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